Tuesday 9 April 2013

The reading of all good books is like conversation with the finest men of the past centuries - Descartes

So I've missed a couple of posts this past week or two. But I have a good excuse. Kind of. I was in Rabat, Morocco. Working. With a little pleasure on the side. And an unstable WIFI. 
It was my first experience of Morocco. And an experience it definitely was. Rabat is lush and green. But I'm told it's not the prettiest of cities in the country. All the same, the food was good.  The souk was suitably colourful and lively.  And the people were charming.  I was suitably charmed.
However, after a very long, grey winter, I was disappointed that it rained for most of our visit. Torrentially at times. I had brought my swimming costume along. My expectations were high. The pool was outdoors...
On top of which, I suffered a bout of Delhi belly (or should that be Rabat runs?). My lovely and very attentive hosts took me on a tour of the hospital emergency room. Just to be sure. The experience was, well, an experience.
And to ensure the adventure had its fill, Air France lost our luggage on the way home. Fun, huh. Not so jealous of my travels now, I guess...
Still, I caught up on some reading. On my Kindle. So I was (generally) a happy chappy. Especially so since I'd successfully completed my March challenge. Yeyhey! I finished my Joyce. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. How cool is that?
Now I won't say that I enjoyed the read. But I didn't dislike it. Joyce skillfully conveys the mind of a boy growing to a man. The busy, active mind of the child. Observant and eager. Jumping wildly from observation to thought to feeling. Then the adolescent mind learning to grow and live and assume. 
It was an interesting read. Somewhat frenetic. Never relaxed. But informative too. Not being Catholic n all.
I was glad to get through the book. I don't know that I'd recommend it. It didn't stay with me. I don't think the style sat well with me. But I'm happy to have read it. And am eager to know more of Joyce.
Ulysses looms on the horizon. On my "to read" list. But removed (in haste and trepidation) from my original Classics Club challenge list. That'll be for another time. Let's take a breather first...

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